big oopsie…

So had a tumble at gymnastics, I am always proud of bumps if I have been pushing myself and these I am wearing with pride (whilst wincing and moaning lol)

This is my back the day after…backday1

This is my back day 4…back day3

this was my neck the day after (you don’t really see the bruising but you see the wood burn…bumpneck2

2 days later…bumpneck1

this was my knee a few days after the spill, my knees bruise without me even having to bump them so this is kinda a normal look for me lolbumpknee

this is my ankle today… it isn’t getting bigger just changing colour…bumpankle

these were the state of my leggings after the tumble… my lovely couch tried to catch me… can I add this was only about 45 mins into class (I’m such a doofus)ooops


So lets see what this week will hold so far so good!! no spills tumbles or bumps :-)

heres to pushing your hardest!



these photos have not been enhanced just a frame on them… it was different lights/rooms/camera phone

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